The difference between a great paint job and a good one is everything. Once sheet metal repair has been completed, the body panels receive numerous applications of high build primer which are block-sanded by hand. This primer application and sanding process not only creates a flat substrate for the color but also aids in the removal of sanding scratches and other imperfections.

From here, a primer sealer is applied, followed by the color. The color paint can be applied in the forms of single-stage, basecoat/clearcoat, or tri-coat. Solids, metallics, pearls, and candies are all part of our repertoire. After application, the paint is hand color-sanded and machine-polished to a high shine.

The way we achieve such depth in our paint... well, that's our secret.



After thorough documentation, all mechanical components are disassembled for inspection. From here, any repair work to the component that is needed will be performed, including machining, planing, etc.

Any new parts needed will be ordered or fabricated. Upon reassembly, new gaskets and seals will be installed.

Each component is thoroughly tested to ensure correct operation and functionality. Authenticity and appearance is equally as important to us as restorers.



Restoring the interior may involve creating components from scratch or installing an upholstery kit. If kits are not available or desired, the original material will be dissected and patterns will be made to cut and sew new interior components where necessary.

Many original fabric patterns and styles are still available or can be reproduced. Through research and patterning, seat covers and other interior components can be created even if missing.

Restoring the interior also involves the rebuilding of such components as gauges, radios, switches, regulators, tracks, springs, etc. As always, appearance, authenticity, and functionality are extremely important. Comfort is also strived for.


Chassis and Undercarriage

As with every other aspect of the vehicle, equally as much detail is put into the restoration of the chassis and undercarriage. A lot of work that is performed to these components not only involves authenticity of appearance but durability as well.

Today's modern materials really help add to the longevity of the components. The chassis paints that are used are more resistant to chipping, scratches, salt spray, heat, and corrosion.

Stainless steel brakes and exhaust are installed upon request or requirements of the project. Bias-ply tires are most frequently used, although having a spare set of radials on hand is great for the frequent driver. The underside of most vehicles are seam-sealed to prevent moisture penetration and then coated with a rubberized undercoating, which also assists in noise reduction.

Upgrades to the chassis, including engine, brakes (power or disc), suspension, etc. can be done on request.



We start the body work by fully disassembling the body and bringing all sheet metal components to be media blasted. Once the panels have been stripped of all paint and body filler, we can see what work is needed.

The only way to get rid of rust is to cut it out completely and replace it with new sheet metal, whether by means of a reproduction, NOS, or hand-fabricated panel. For a great paint finish, the body panels need to be straight, correctly gapped, and free of any dents, dings, or ripples.



The dilemma every collector car owner faces... How do we keep that factory appearance and still have great sound? Easy. We hide it! Car stereo receivers can even be remotely mounted in the glove box or trunk, while still giving you control without ever leaving the driver’s seat!

Have great sound without modern appearance! All of the following can typically be hidden:

•AM/FM/CD Stereo Receiver
•CD Changer
•iPod & MP3 Adapters
•Additional Speakers

Let Coastal Classics customize a sound system that will work best in your classic ride!

Related services:

•Sound Deadening
•Satellite Radio
•iPod/MP3 Adapter with Factory AM Radio
•Power Antenna



We are also very happy to provide the following additional services to you:

• Electrical• Wood work
• Maintenance• Preservation
• Detailing• Show prep
• Transportation• Plating
• Polishing• Parts locating